Zihuatanejo, Mexico Trip

Zihua, Mexico

My father had been bugging me about coming down to visit him in Zihuatanejo, Mexico so Emily and I decided it was time to go down over Spring Break. Zihua is a beautiful little town on the Pacific side of Mexico located 250km north of Acapulco. At this time of year the weather is a constant 30*C during the day, great for lounging on the beach. The town is in a small bay ringed by white sandy beaches that are filled with tourists at this time of year. The condo we would be staying at was in the heart of old town. Only a 2 minute walk to the beach!

We settled into the condo and started to get used to the lazy pace of life that’s both part of vacation and part of Mexico. With not much planned aside from relaxing, taking in the sights and good food we got to work. Only in town for 11 days we decided to try something new for every meal and every “happy hour”. We were also very lucky to get to spend the night out on my fathers sail boat. We took the boat out of the harbor and a few hours north to Isla Grande.

Isla Grande

The island is a small spot about 1km off of Ixtapa, filled with restaurants. The crazy part about it is that there is no power or running water on the island, so everything and every person is brought over every morning early to get set up. A few hours later thousands of tourists show up to party and relax the day away.

Heading back to town after a night out we got back into our routine of drinks, walking and taking photos. With a few sunsets thrown in and only a small sunburn it was overall a fantastic trip to Mexico.


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