Sombrio Beach, Sooke BC Hike 2017

Hiking at Sombrio Beach

On a rainy day in late December Emily and I decided to go for a hike down at Sombrio Beach.We have recently done most of the other beaches on the West Coast. With rain pouring down and the clouds hanging overhead as only happens in the Pacific NorthWest, we were reminded once again why this is one of the wettest places on earth. What a perfect time to take the dog out! If the rain gets to you, this is not the place to live.

Setting out from home we passed thru the small (yet growing) town of Sooke BC and into the dark rainforest north of town for the 60km drive out to Sombrio Beach.

A short 10min walk from the parking lot takes you down the Juan de Fuca Trail and thru the forest over a swinging suspension bridge above Sombrio Creek. Down to a bunch of campsites down along the beach. 

Heading back up the trail and across the suspension bridge once again took us over to the East Side Beach. Only gravel sized rocks instead of basketball sized rocks on this side of the beach.


The the rain continuing to pound down on us we explored the beach. We watched a second group of crazy surfers out there braving the December cold as well as the rain.


After enough of all the crazy rain it was time to walk back to the car and head back towards town and a warm lunch in Sooke!


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