Metchosin BC Sunrise – Fall 2017

Taylor Road Metchosin Sunrise

Waking up early one morning (as I’ve somehow become the 5:30am guy…) and noticing it was beautiful clear day, I headed out to shoot the sunrise. It was a nice crisp morning so I headed out towards Metchosin to look for a good spot to catch the sun come up. Finding a beautiful grove of trees on Taylor Road I set up and waited for the light to arrive.

As the sun rose in the distance over the mountains of Washington State I set up my tripod and began to shoot as the light came streaming thru the trees. 

Wanting to capture another scene while the sun was still low I hopped in my little Echo and headed down to Lombard drive. At Lombard there is a long line of Poplar trees that once lined the driveway of the local landowner.

No trip to Metchosin is complete without a trip down to Wittys Lagoon so I headed there next. I wanted to catch the last of the light, before heading back to the studio, all before 9am!


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