Jordan River Waterfalls

Chasing Waterfalls on a rainy day in Jordan River BC

With the rain pounding down and the clouds hanging so low its hard to tell where the clouds end and the fog begins, or as we Islanders call it, a regular November day. I piled the two dogs into the truck and head out towards Sooke BC. With no real destination aside from trying to find something interesting to shoot on an extremely wet and gray day I headed down the winding Highway 14, headlights shining in my eyes, wipers on full blast. With weather like this I decided to try to shoot some moving water, which is fantastic to shoot on overcast days because you can slow your shutter way down without needing to use any filters. I also have seen many photos taken at an old abandonded power station and I had it on my list to shoot in the fog.

We passed through Sooke and on towards Jordan River. Having been a few years since I’ve traveled out that way I was amazed at seeing the amount of logging going on currently west of Sooke. As the dogs started to get antsy I took a trip up Forebay Rd to another large clear cut but found nothing worth shooting and the hike thru the wet clearcut to get this single picture was not worth it!

Jordan River

Heading back towards Jordan River I began my search for the power station. I had asked a few local friends of mine where I could find it but the reply of “you’ll just see it, gotta turn in near the other building” was turning out not that helpful!
While getting turned around on one of the small roads I heard some water rushing and I climbed thru the trees to find this beautiful waterfall, cascading from the bank above.

I took a few photos from a few different angles, taking advantage of the dark shade under the trees to stretch out the shutter speed which gives the water the lace like effect.
Finding out that my raincoat is not nearly as waterproof as it used to be I climbed back into the truck and started heading towards home.


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