GoldStream Park Salmon Run Eagles 2017

Bald Eagles at the Salmon Run

Living close to the ocean has its perks, and this year I decided to try to shoot some Bald Eagles during the annual salmon run. Little did I know at the beginning of the season that this was not only going to be one of the wettest years on record, but also one with record low salmon numbers in the local streams and rivers. 
With all this working against me I spent 4 difficult days in the wet forest trying to capture some shots to share with you.

The very first day in the woods was so rainy that I didn’t come home with a single photo.  Pushing me out early the next morning to try to catch the sunrise as well as the fog burning off.

Sunrise coming up over the trees.

As the fog burned off I was lucky enough to catch these two eagles fighting over some dead salmon on the shore

After a somewhat successful day I headed home taking the long climb out of the canyon back to my car.
The next shooting day was not as good. Tough weather conditions and unhelpful birds left me with only a few shots. That prompted a stop by Niagara Falls on the way home to catch a bit of the fall colors.

The next day out shooting Eagles was by far the most successful. I just completely randomly looked up to this guy sitting right above me.He patiently waited for me to get my gear all set up before taking off and leaving me with some fantastic shots.


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