Esquimalt Lagoon Sunrise

With the absolutely stellar weather we’ve been having in Victoria, BC I decided to take advantage and shoot some sunrise photos down at the Esquimalt Lagoon. With the sun coming up at 7:20am it was also not a grueling morning to get up and at the beach before the sun rose. Some clouds were sitting down on the horizon, hanging over downtown Victoria as I parked my car at the empty beach. With my boots on and my tripod over my shoulder I headed down the beach through some small waves as the tide was high. Glad I had my boots on!
I found a large pile of driftwood logs and set up my tripod, pulling out an app on my phone that tells me exactly where the sun will be rising. With the clouds thick but starting to break up I snapped my first shots of the morning.

Fisgard Lighthouse

The lights were on at the Fisgard Lighthouse and the Esquimalt shipyards in the distance as the sun started to peek above the horizon. After snapping a few shots from there I moved down the beach to see if I could get a bit closer to the lighthouse and take advantage of the dropping tide.

With the sun lighting up the back of the clouds the beach was bathed in a warm orange glow. As I stood there shooting this large log that had blown up on the beach a seagull landed on the log. He stood there posing for me as I took advantage of the amazing early morning light.

Seagull Sunrise


As the sun rose higher I packed up my gear and went to check out the other side of the long peninsula. Ocean Blvd runs down this strip of land with the ocean on one side and the Esquimalt lagoon on the other side. A protected bird sanctuary it is home to many kinds of birds. Seeing a Great Blue Heron standing fishing for his breakfast I parked the car and set up to take a few shots of him in the rising light.

Blue Heron

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