Day 7 – Rexburg to Fisherman’s Creek

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Travel Day 7:

Total km driven to date: 2495km

Total km walked to date: 56.9

Rexburg, ID – Fishermans Creek, Wy

221km drive

9.23km on foot

                Our morning started out with a walk in the fields behind Walmart, followed by breaky and then on the road. I spent some time on google maps trying to decide where to go from Rexburg. We can head straight south on the interstate thru Salt Lake City or take the more interesting route down US 89 and back into Wyoming before heading south. That sounded a lot more our speed so we set off thru the backroads of America down US 26, passed thru a few small towns as we headed southwest towards the Snake River. We climbed out of the fields and pastures and back into the mountains as we got closer to Wyoming. I’ve noticed an interesting trend with people loving to tailgate you less than a car length behind yet when given the opportunity to pass they decide they’d like to stay 10ft behind you at 65mph its actually really annoying since I like to stop at interesting spots to take photos so there has been some sketchy moments already. Maybe I need a “get off my ass” sticker for the back of the camper!

                We took a left at the town of Alpine, Wy and followed along the Snake River as it wound thru the mountains. Lots of people on rafts going down the river and lots of traffic from the guides ferrying people and rafts up and down the 89. At the town of Hoback we went right and headed due south and decided to start looking for a place for the night. Its been a short travel day so far but thats not a bad thing, too much time in the truck gets us both wound up. Stopped and looked at a few small campsites along the Hoback river but being that they were actual campsites they wanted $15/night and thats just not in the budget, nor is it nearly as much fun.

                Just south of the town of Bondurant there was a sign for North Fork Fishermans Creek in the Teton National Forest so we headed down the gravel road into the bush. A few km down the road we found a few different spots but nothing that great so I decided to park the truck and hop on the bike instead to adventure and see what other potential spots there was and get a bit of exercise for the both of us. Rode about 10km total back and forth and around looking for the perfect spot and stumbled upon an amazing spot in the view of the snow capped peaks. Clearly someone’s favourite spot since there was a big pile of firewood and some impressive log benches built around a large fire pit. Perfect! A quick bike back to the truck and we moved down here. Got set up in the gorgeous sun and even had time for a quick sun-shower with some creek water, so nice to clean up after a long bike ride. As I sat there waiting for the water to warm up I could hear thunder in the distance and saw some nasty black thunderheads coming our way from the mountains to the east. Had a semi warm shower while it was still sunny and warm and made an early dinner outside right before the rain hit us. Crazy loud thunder all around was scaring my poor co-pilot, hes not a big fan, no lightening though so I wasnt that concerned about being parked under a big tree (fingers crossed!). Its now 5:30pm and the thunder and rain has mostly passed us by and from the look of it there is no leaks in the camper (first rainstorm). Bonus! Now it’s time to work on some photos and read my book before heading to bed early.  

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