Day 54 – Siuslaw Nat Forest to Siuslaw Nat Forest

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Travel Day 54:

Total km driven to date: 10,000km

Total km walked to date: 425.19km

Siuslaw Nat Forest – Siuslaw Nat Forest

150km drive

4.83km on foot

                Today was more of the same, on the road before 8, stopped for a walk on the beach at “Seal Rock”… seals fyi so I had to take pictures of birds instead. Then north more until I came to another section of the Siuslaw Nat forest and found a nice sunny campsite in the woods. Mosquitos abound but the sun is shining and the air is warm as I settle in for another quiet night on the road. After taking Axel out for a walk of course! Counting down the days until W.E.Rock Goldendale.

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