Day 53 – Rogue River to Siuslaw Nat Forest

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Travel Day 53:

Total km driven to date: 9850km

Total km walked to date: 420.36km

Rogue River – Siuslaw Nat Forest

292km drive

9.69km on foot

                Happy to report there was no ghosts last night, that said I slept horribly not sure why. Was up early and on the road before 7 heading ever northwards on the 101. Got to the Cape Blanco Lighthouse at around 9am and took a few pictures, it was a bit of an overcast day which makes for better pictures but chilly. There was a fishboat I saw crashed on the rocks below the lighthouse, guess he should have looked harder for the light! Today we drove quite a ways because there is no real national forest between the Siskiyou and Siuslaw Forests so we pushed onwards. Stopped for fuel in Coos Bay, interesting fishing town on an island surrounded by river on 3 sides and ocean on the other, reminds me of Port Alberni. Just north of Coos Bay the Oregon dunes start, real weird to see trees and then all of a sudden huge sand dunes in between. We stopped at the Oregon Dunes park and took a walk down to the beach but there was all sorts of “no dogs on beach” signs plus “fines” and “beach patrolled regularly” so we didn’t chance it. Just north of the end of the dunes the Siuslaw Nat Forest starts so we took our first turn onto a forestry road and headed about 15km up in to the hills in a beautiful forest that looks exactly like home. Lots of mosquitoes and the clouds rolling in means we didnt do much once we set up camp, when for a quick 5km hike and called it a night. Lots of bear poop in the woods in Oregon but still have yet to see a single predator my whole trip, no bears, wolves, cougars or bigfoot for me to take pictures of.

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