Day 51 – Smith River to Siskiyou Nat Forest

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Travel Day 51:

Total km driven to date: 9471km

Total km walked to date: 400.29km

Smith River – Siskiyou Nat Forest

68km drive

14.47km on foot

                Today was an easy day with not a ton of driving. I have 7 days to get to Goldendale and I dont want to repeat my Glen Helen mistake where I ended up too close too soon so I’ve been taking it easy and enjoying the coast. We got up and broke camp and drove 40km north to Brookings, Oregon. This is my 10th state I have visited this trip! Im also proud to say I travelled all the way from the south eastern corner of California to the north western corner without travelling on the I-5 once! Its not easy going south to north while avoiding that route. We stopped at McD’s and used the Wifi and updated my blog that I’ve been lacking and then headed down to the beach for a few hours to walk around and explore since it was such a beautiful day. After we had our share of the beach I headed through town and east along the Chetco River and into the Siskiyou National Forest. We found ourselves a nice spot in the woods that had a real enchanted forest vibe, its beautiful here, unfortunately the mosquitoes think that too and they are absolutely everywhere. After setting up camp we went for a bit of an explore and got caught in corneritus again and ended up walking over 14km always looking for what was around the next corner. We will continue north with the same sort of idea tomorrow, 50-100km drive, explore on the beach and then find a place to camp.

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