Day 49 – Shasta Nat Forest to Redwood Creek

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Travel Day 49:

Total km driven to date: 9191km

Total km walked to date: 370.19km

Shasta-Trinity Nat Forest – Redwood Creek

118km drive

4.79km on foot

                Another short travel day through the rest of the Shasta-Trinity National forest as it winds it way out of the mountains and down to the coast. We had a quick stop in Willow Creek to check out the river, which Ax had a swim in. Couldn’t find a great spot to camp so continued on the way and out of the National Forest. Lots of gates and no trespassing signs make finding a campsite a hard one around here. There is apparently a lot of pot grown out in these woods (they even call it the Emerald Triangle on the radio) so everything is on lock down. After a bunch of searching we eventually found a camp spot on Redwood Creek literally underneath this massive bridge. Not the best camp spot we’ve found, there was a lot of garbage around from some assholes that have used it as a dumping ground, but it was also far from the worst campsite we’ve found. Went for a swim and a wash in the creek which is nice and warm and relaxed for the night.

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