Day 36 – Joshua Tree Nat Park to Glen Helen Raceway

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Travel Day 36:

Total km driven to date: 7269km

Total km walked to date: 278.98km

Joshua Tree National Park, CA – Glen Helen Raceway, CA

169km drive

8.66km on foot

                Today we got up, packed up camp and headed towards Glen Helen Raceway which is in San Bernardino CA, about 2hrs drive. Back through Yucca Valley and then south towards Palm Springs, as you come out of the mountains near Palm Springs you start seeing all the huge windmills set up in the valley and I can see why they put them there because the wind was just howling down the valley. Onto the Interstate and fighting a 50mph headwind we turned north towards San Barnardino. Garminder decided that as soon as we were about 30miles south of our destination that I would rather go all the way through town on multiple back streets with lights instead of just staying on the Interstate. After about 10minutes of city driving I decided to ignore Garminder and got back on the interstate….sometimes Im not sure what that damn thing is thinking. Got to Glen Helen around noon and somehow I sweet talked my way through the gate and saved myself $20, media dont usually pay but talking to everyone else I got lucky since they all got hit up for an entrance fee! Since no one was really directing traffic this early in the day I ended up set up right in the hot pits beside Sean Rants. Bonus! Shortly after that Justin Hall showed up and parked on my other side so I ended up with a front row camping as I can get right in the thick of things! Luckily the weather is not too hot, only in the mid 80’s (about 25*… has been over 110* or 45* here in past years!) Did some wandering around as teams continued to stream in all afternoon. Met the extremely nice Cagliaro family/team just at dinner time and scored myself a great spaghetti dinner with all the fixins! Axel is of course free range and a huge hit with everyone, making friends at every pit we go to (I think he’s the reason for my free dinner……7 years later and he’s finally paying off!). Hung out with some old racing acquaintances and met some new friends and then had an early night because it will be a full day of pre-running and qualifying tomorrow!

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