Day 31 – Big Bear Lake

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Travel Day 31:

Total km driven to date: 6756km

Total km walked to date: 243.33km

Big Bear Lake, CA

0km drive

7.9km on foot

                Today was much a repeat of yesterday, no huge hurry to do anything so I had a slow morning getting going.I needed to head in to town today to use the WiFi to send out some pictures for a client and also arrange getting one of my photos printed to bring out to a Fine Art Show it was accepted in. I knew that Ax wouldn’t make the distance, and looking it up on my google maps it said I had approx 14km from here to Starbucks and even further to McDonalds. As its the 4th of July the roads are packed and there is people having bbq’s everywhere around town. Town is a little ski type village with lots of little cottages on back roads nestled under the pine trees. There is two ski hills in town on the slopes above Big Bear City, what a different place this must be in the winter with snow on the ground! After my 14km ride I get to Starbucks and it is packed with people, I was planning on getting an IcedCapp but after seeing the line I just sat outside and pirated some WiFi from them. After all my computing was done it was 14km back on the bike to camp, thankfully I bought that new bike seat a few weeks ago or I wouldnt even be able to walk tomorrow! Within 10minutes of getting back to camp it started raining, hard, so much for drought stricken California, it poured for a good 2 hours, I feel bad for all the people at the beach or trying to have 4th of July bbqs! I learned after getting back to camp that either I am on too much of a slope or my 40yr old fridge has just decided to give up the ghost, its not cold at all…..fantastic. At this point I am just going to let it get warm and maybe tomorrow I will either try to reposition the camper with the jack again, or give up on this spot all together and head somewhere different. If the fridge is dead then I will have to look into one of the 9v plug in coolers since I can’t survive for the next 90 days on nothing but canned food!

                Oh and Axel…..still terrified of the thunder, currently hiding in the back seat of the truck, his “go-to” spot when the thunder starts. I wish I could help him out with it.

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