Day 30 – Big Bear Lake

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Travel Day 30:

Total km driven to date: 6756km

Total km walked to date: 235.43km

Big Bear Lake, CA

0km drive

3.87km on foot

                Today was an uneventful day at Big Bear, planning on staying here for a few days since I am only 1.5hrs from my Glen Helen Race I decided to set up camp a little better. Unfortunately I am on a decent downhill slop and even with my rock stacking abilities I spent the night quite nose down in my camper. Planning to fix that I pulled out the stock jack from under the back seat and jacked up the front of the truck a bit higher and slid some new rocks underneath. The whole plan was hairbrained and quite precarious, setting the jack on some rocks, jacking the truck, rearranging the rocks under the tires. It is better than it was but still a little bit downhill. I can live with a little bit of slope, hopefully the fridge doesn’t mind being lower in the front and sloping a little to the passenger side, time will tell. After that we set up the easy up and relaxed and made lunch. After lunch I had the great idea to see if there really was any water in the lake at all since there is a few lakes side by side. Axel and I took off on the bike heading towards town. Turns out we are further from town than I thought and after about 5km Axel was too hot and tired from running beside the bike so we had to abort and head back to camp with him going slower and slower the closer we got to camp. Weather is quite nice up here, only 30* at the hottest time of day and actually dropped to 10* overnight, so cold that I had to pull out my extra blanket that I had packed away. With Ax still panting I decided against a hike up the trail behind out camp and we had a lazy day hanging out….during my lazy day I finished an entire 600 page Ken Follett novel, damn, my 5 used books aren’t going to last long at all at this rate! I found out that of all the places I’ve been there is by far the least amount of bugs here! I can actually sit outside in my lawn chair and not get eaten alive. In Colorado it was the mosquitoes, in Utah it was the flys that dont bite but like to fly in and around your face. Here in California there is some bugs but really nothing in comparison….how nice, I have spent many hours cooped up inside my camper due to getting eaten alive by bugs!

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