Day 26 – Dixie National Forest

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Travel Day 26:

Total km driven to date: 5542km

Total km walked to date: 213.59km

Dixie National Forest, UT

0km drive

7.42km on foot

                After a fantastic night’s sleep and waking up to find it 17* out I decided to stay another day. We did find a small stream about 5min from camp that was very cold and running nice and clear so I decided it was a perfect time to do some laundry. I packed over my bag of dirty clothes and my wash bin and detergent and proceeded to make a piss poor pioneer woman but they are cleaner than they were and I took them back to camp and used Axels tether as a clothes line to let everything dry. I also did the dishes and gave everything a full wipe down, it feels good to have everything somewhat clean again. At that point I decided to head back up the mountain from yesterday but this time without the bike just on foot and we set off to do some exploring. Thankfully I have a great sense of direction because there has been a few times now we have ended up on some epic bushwhacking adventures up mountainsides for hours.

Not much to take photos of around here so I lugged my camera gear all the way up there for nothing but it was a good workout and a nice way to spend the afternoon. Shortly after getting back to camp the thunder started up and Axel got terrified again, we even had a short rain squall pass over which felt very nice and dropped the temperature from 30* down to about 24*. Now another lazy night in the forest, we will get back on the road tomorrow with a plan to make it to somewhere near Bryce Canyon and then possibly Zion National Park on Wednesday. Not sure yet where I will make it for July 4th, maybe Lake Mead but it might be a zoo there so who knows, we’ll play it by ear.

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