Day 14 – Arapahoe Nat Forest to Agate, CO

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Travel Day 14:

Total km driven to date: 3759km

Total km walked to date: 109.46km

Arapaho Nat. Forest  – Agate, CO

237km drive

6.28km on foot

                Today was a bit of an uneventful day so I don’t have a ton to write. Woke up to gorgeous sunshine and a whole new appreciation for my camping spot that the clouds really didnt do justice to. Had a lazy morning getting myself going, it turns out I have 2 stowaways, one mouse in my camper that has been there for a few days (as evidenced by the torn up toilet paper a few days ago) and this morning there was a bag of popcorn torn apart in my truck! So I have one mouse in the camper and one in the truck, I will be stopping at Walmart today to get some traps to deal with these freeloaders! I have gone and got myself too close to Denver (next event is about an hour east of Denver) so unless I head way out of the way I figured I would just head out to Agate a few days early and help Josh and Rich set up the Dirt Riot course. The event starts with Pre-Running on Friday and race on Saturday.

                Coming down out of the mountains on I-70 from where I spent the night I passed through a bunch of very neat old frontier towns (the problem with Interstates is they arn’t great for stopping so unfortunately no pictures) and then down out of the mountains and into the traffic mess that is Denver. I flew through Denver at 75mph and was glad to see it in my rear view, too many people and too much bustle for me. As you get east of Denver the land flattens out and it is very much like the prairie east of Calgary, flat and fields as far as the eye can see. I got to Agate at about 5pm and helped Josh set up some flags on the course for a while until we got annihilated by mosquitoes and called it a night. Tomorrow will be much of the same with hopefully some teams showing up tomorrow night and we can start to do the racecar thing all over again!

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