Day 1 – Victoria to Spokane

Overland Camping Roadtrip Blog

Travel Day 1:

Total km driven to date: 750km

Total km walked to date: 4.7km

750km drive

4.7km on foot

                With all of this preparation behind me it was time to load up for good and get ready to head out on the morning of June 4th. My plan is to head to the WeRock event in Rangely, CO thats taking place on June 13-14 which gives me 9 days to explore on my way to Colorado. With a plan to stop in Yellowstone and a few other locations on the way I caught the 9am ferry and headed south. Breezing thru the border (yes sir, no sir, camping for a few weeks sir) my first nights destination is Spokane. Up through the Cascades on I-90 with a quick stop in Snoqualmie Pass at the ski hill for a pee break and a picture it was time to head out of the mountains to see what else Washington has to offer. Surprisingly central Washington could be easily mistaken for Eastern Alberta, flat grassland with not much in the way of photo opportunities. Had a quick stop at Wild Horse monument over the _____ River, temperature is rising with the thermostat reading around 30*C.


                As I get closer to Spokane the landscape changes again, very much like the Okanagan region of BC, Ponderosa Pines and tumbleweeds greet me. After a 12hr day in the truck I set my trusty GPS to tell me where the local Wal-Mart is. I turned the corner and was told by the sweet sound of Garminder that WallyWorld was on the left….nope, on the right, quick let me change lanes without looking. CRUNCH oh, there’s a Buick there. Well looks like I just bought a front and back door to a mid 90’s Buick…….really happy I have no collision on my truck, that’s gonna hurt the pocket book. Good thing its the VERY FIRST DAY. The front corner of the bumper on the Chevy is a little bit pushed in but the Buick definitely took the brunt of the damage. Such is life. Now im sitting in the parking lot of the very same Wal-Mart typing this and about to head to bed. Tomorrow is a new day and a new adventure awaits!

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