Camino del Norte 2018 – Day 42

Camino del Norte

Day 42

Oct 14

We decided to walk the whole 30km to Finisterre instead of breaking it into 2 short days. No rain along the way but a lot of wind. Hurricane Leslie is hitting Spain right now and we are certainly affected by the strong winds. 

We checked in to a very nice place in Finisterre and within an hour of our arrival the rain arrived again with a vengeance lashing down sideways in the strong gusts. We dashed across the street and bought a few groceries and Donna prepared another fine pasta and seafood dinner in the one pot we could find….a good night to stay indoors!
This morning we left our backpacks and walked the final 3 km to the lighthouse and the cairn marking Km 0 of all the Caminos. It’s not possible to go any further west without a boat… the end of the world in biblical times. 

We took a few photos and returned to our albergue to hoist our packs for the next stage. Only 15 km…. about halfway to the town of Muxia… we checked in to another lovely place overlooking the beach. Huge waves are pounding the shoreline while the sun begins to shine. Not such a bad day after all. 


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