Camino del Norte 2018 – Day 35

Camino del Norte

Day 35

Oct 7

Today we left Portugal at 6:00 (or 7:00 am Spanish time). We stayed the night in the Portuguese city of Valenca, toured the fortress there, bought a bbq chicken, bread and wine which we ate at the albergue. We walked across the bridge ( river Minho) and entered the Spanish city of Tui before sunrise. 

We had a very nice dog join us as soon as we left Valenca and walk with us over 10 km. We even flagged down a police car and told them we couldn’t get rid of this Portuguese dog. We left the dog with the police but within 5 minutes the dog was back. 
Eventually the dog ran ahead whenever he saw other walkers. I think that dog will end up in Santiago as everyone is walking the same direction…. 
We walked another 30 km today in the sunshine…windy and cool…perfect walking temperature. We are just outside the town of Redondela which is where the coastal route and the central route of the Camino Portugués converge into one. There are many more pilgrims on the path as many start their walk from Tui or Valenca. We are now less than 100km from Santiago. 

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