Camino del Norte 2018 – Day 31

Camino del Norte

Day 31

Oct 3

It turns out that Portugal is one hour ahead of Spain so now sunrise is at 7:00 am or so. We got up in Porto at 5:00 am, had a yogurt and coffee/tea and were on the road through the city at 6:10 this morning. The streets are quiet at that time but the streetlights are shining and the walking is easy.

We took a shortcut down to the riverside and walked with the water on our left. Out to the river mouth and a right turn along the Atlantic coastline. It is sandy beach the entire way today…all civilized with homes and condos and buildings set quite a way back from the water mostly. The entire day we were walking on a wooden boardwalk through the sand dunes and protected shoreline. Some of it is cobblestone malecón…all of it very picturesque. 

The sun warmed things up to 30C by noon and there was little escape from that sun. We made a few rest stops at cafes along the way and met a few fellow walkers. 
Today we walked 30 km and arrived at the town called Vila Do Conde at 2:00 pm. The municipal albergue didn’t officially open until 3:00 but they kindly took us in. The requisite shower, hand wash a few sweaty clothes and head out to explore the town. 
There is a small marina along the river bank with a number of sailboats tied alongside…production boats just like home but all local. Lots of fish jumping, people on SUP’s and rowing shells in the calm and wide river. 
There is an outdoor market right behind our place, we bought lettuce, tomatoes, all kinds of fruit..and a few beer. Donna created a wonderful salad which we ate on the patio as the sun set. 
We plan another early departure tomorrow to beat the heat. Looks like another day of boardwalk…easy walking after our Primitivo experience!

Portugal is wonderful, prices are cheap even compared to Spain. Signage often includes English and the people are friendly. The buildings are often faced with ceramic tile…different from the rock and plaster of Spain. 

Good night from Portugal!


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