Camino del Norte 2018 – Day 28

Camino del Norte

Day 28

Sept 30

Today it was about the rocks.. I marvel at the sheer volume of rock construction we see as we walk. Miles and miles of stone fences…some built by the Romans before Christ. Rock walls, houses and churches. Slate roofs and huge blocks of stone piled perfectly to create wonderful architecture. 

Today we started from Lugo at 7:15….no need for headlamps as we walked through the city streets…. Sunday morning and still people on the street from last nights party. 
The sky was clear and full of stars but the fog rose from the ground at daybreak and once again we walked in a cool mist. Met a woman from Golden, BC who we walked with for a few hours. The sun finally burned through around noon as we walked along country roads and trails. Today was a lot of asphalt…little traffic on the narrow country lanes but still pavement. We walked about 30 km today and are now settled in a nice albergue at the 66 km mark…30km west of Lugo. 

Tomorrow we will be in Melide where the Camino Primitivo ends as we merge with the Camino Frances. We walked that last few kilometres from Melide to Santiago last year and recall how busy the Way becomes as the various paths form into one procession of hundreds of pilgrims. We already now walk with people who started just yesterday from Lugo as they join those of us who have walked a month already. The atmosphere changes. 
Our intention is to take a bus from Melide to Porto, Portugal (by way of Santiago) and walk north into Santiago through a bit of Portugal…maybe 10 days or so. 

It will be sad to take leave of the travelers we have been walking with over the past 4 weeks. We never did catch up with Steven our Korean friend and perhaps we won’t see our Danish/Dutch couple again to see how their romance might resolve as they also reach the end of their Camino. We might still see the Spanish guy who we call Umbrella Man…. we have seen him intermittently for weeks, always carrying his umbrella.  
We are now on speaking terms with him although he speaks no English. Tonight we still have our Hungarian guy and our Argentina girl in the same albergue plus a few other familiar faces. Perhaps 15 people here with us and now at 6:30 we might have a few more late arrivals. 
The sun is shining and life is good!



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