Camino del Norte 2018 – Day 2/3

Camino del Norte

Day 2 & 3

Sept 4&5 2018

Supposed to be a short day… but wasn’t to be…

I missed writing yesterday for no particular reason…each day seems to be similar but different too. I forget quickly what we did just a day ago…this is sometimes a good thing as it is not always as good as the Facebook picture. 


We are presently settled in the town of Deba in the municipal Albergue for which we pay just 5€. It was a short day as we departed Getaria this morning at 7:30 and were at the Albergue office here at 12:00 a total distance of perhaps 16km. It started to rain at 10:30 lightly at first but persistent enough that we got quite wet. We have wonderful rain parkas but today they remained inside our packs.

The terrain today was probably the most challenging so far… many hills, some of them dangerously steep. Cobblestone pathways with wet stones, muddy tracks and many rough paved lanes through brilliant green pastures and rolling farmland. We continue to follow the coast with commanding views of the Atlantic to our right and overviews of each harbour as we descend into town. 

There are substantial breakwaters and protected docks at each small city we encounter. Many small boat harbours plus facilities for the fishing boats and larger ocean going fishing fleet. 


Yesterday we walked 27 km to the town of Getaria. Stayed in an Albergue right in town. I have managed to strain a muscle in my left leg making the hill climbing a challenge. Donna forges ahead and I walk behind a bit slower. We thought we were in reasonable shape but apparently not good enough. We have now walked 3 days and expect that we’ll get better at it after the initial shock. 
Tomorrow we plan a longer day as there is a Monastery Donna has her eye on that is 30 km from here. The forecast is for rain… today we had lightning and thunder and expect more to come. 
Our packs get heavier as we carry fruit and cheese and bread etc. We are popular in the albergue stops with our electric kettle. We can make tea and coffee for ourselves and others. 

All is well with us despite the aches and pains. We meet nice people…many of the same faces as our pace is similar and the stopping spots are not as abundant as on last years Camino Frances. 



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