Camino del Norte 2018 – Day 18

Camino del Norte

Day 18

Sept 20

A quick note to you this morning. We are just leaving Siera and will walk the short distance to Oviedo today. There we plan to stay 2 nights before heading into the Primitivo. All is well here…we continue to walk some long days….today is only 18 km which suits me fine as my feet are still complaining. It’s hard to get going in the morning but within a half hour I am ok to keep up with our group. It’s a nice package…we are 6 or 8 persons and Donna is in charge.


She makes the plans along with our Danish friend… they find the next albergue and the next cafe etc so we others just have to follow along. 
Last night was a wonderful dinner at a restaurant recommended by our hospitalero. They had a Pilgrims menu which is a 10€ fixed menu with wine and dessert. Usually a few choices of entree and dessert etc. The food was excellent and our group of 7 had a lot of fun. A Dane, a Korean, German, Dutch and American. From 60+ to 20 something. 

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