Camino del Norte 2018 – Day 14

Camino del Norte

Day 14

Sept 16

Cloudy day today….nice for walking. Yesterday was more sunny so I sweat more….it’s better when it’s cloudy. A bit cool in the evening as we sit outdoors at our albergue. Today was another long day since the sleeping places are not so numerous. We walked almost 30km today.

My feet are still suffering from blisters, every day there is little opportunity to recuperate. We bought some anti septic gel with iodine to help with the healing. 
Our routine is pretty well established… up around 6:00 breakfast done by 7:15 and underway. A short break every few hours for coffee and a snack. Our little group seems to be staying together, some leave earlier but take longer breaks and inevitably we end up either in the same albergue or at least in the same town. 
Forecast is for sunshine tomorrow then cloudy again. We have had no rain for a long while. 
We continue to follow the beach more or less. Yesterday we walked a lot on pavement but today was more gravel roads and trails…often with great views over the Atlantic. We pass through gorgeous small towns but don’t really take the time to explore. Usually just a walk through the centre of town past the cathedral and maybe along the seawall. 

Tomorrow is a short day of 22km then another long day as we reach the decision point. We are thinking we’ll break off of the Norte and turn onto the Camino Primitivo. This is predicted to be more isolated and much more challenging terrain. In ten days or so this route connects again with the Camino Frances and leads into Santiago. 
All is well with Donna and I here in Spain. Cheers,

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