Camino del Norte 2018 – Day 11

Camino del Norte

Day 11

Sept 13

A quick note…we are taking a little train from one station called Boo de Pielago across a river to get off at the next station. This will save us a 7 km trip around. The train comes every half hour 
next one at 9:32am. 
Overcast and cool again today… plan to travel 29 km today to get to the next recommended Albergue. We had a wonderful night at the last place… a small house with 14 beds and a communal dinner.

We have our regular companions now…a core group of 6 plus many others we meet every day as we share the same path. All travel at their own pace so we find our crowd. 
This Camino has fewer choices of places to stay so it takes more planning. We are able to reserve ahead quite often so we know that we have a bed. It is still quite busy with pilgrims walking…all ages.  Fun!
My feet are getting better, I changed shoes today. So far so good. Walked right through the big city of Santander yesterday… took a ferry across the harbour to get there and just kept on going. It’s easy to get lost in the city…we have a good app with maps that keep us on track most of the time. 

Gotta go!


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