Growing up in Victoria, BC Canada has given me a unique perspective on nature and the outdoors. Spending countless hours in my youth on the beaches and among the trees of this beautiful westcoast rainforest prompted me to begin my adventures in photography. Sharing the amazing scenery through my landscape photography brings me great joy, letting people see the world through your eyes. I prefer to take the road less travelled and am always looking for the shot that no one else gets, the unique perspective that showcases nature at its finest.  

Photographing for over 10 years, my camera has taken me across North America shooting Landscape and Wildlife photography. From beaches to mountain tops, deserts to old-growth rainforests I have shot a little bit of everything throughout my journeys. Always ready for a sunset or up early for a sunrise I like to show beautiful places at their finest. 

Shooting primarily with a Canon Full-Frame DSLR gives me the range and sharpness to take breathtaking photos. With the 35mm sensor on a Full Frame camera you can capture colours that the eye cannot see leading to extremely vibrant photos that jump off the wall. 

Using only the finest quality fine-art paper and materials guarantees that the photo will look even better in person than online. For that reason we do not offer canvas prints. While it is a popular option it doesn't do justice to a great photo shot on great equipment. 

With over 10,000 photos in my portfolio I showcase only a small few on my website at any time, preferring to only show the best of the best. That said if you are looking for a specific location or shot then please contact me and I can look through my full portfolio or we can talk about commissioning a particular shot. 

Every photograph on my site has a unique story behind it, very few are taken from the sides of roads. I put a small description with each photo but if you are interested in the story of any photograph please feel free to ask. You can also follow along on my blog which I use to chronicle my journey's and adventures throughout North America.